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A Letter from Jonathan & Allison

Hi from the beautiful hills of Tennessee! We’re Jonathan and Allison and we are so honored to be writing to you. We hope that you feel the love and respect we have for you woven into our words. Our aim is to give you an idea of what life is like for our family of two and what our plans are for the future as we grow. A future that we deeply hope will include you in any form of communication you feel comfortable with. Our family values of honesty, self-expression, and quality time guide us in everything we do and we look forward to where this journey will take us. We’re grateful you would consider us and appreciate you taking time to read about our family.

A Little About Us

We’re a fun-loving, family-oriented, financially stable couple and a classic case of “opposites attract”. Jonathan is fun and bold, a people person and the life of any party. Allison is sweet and steady, a thoughtful friend and a great listener. Our differences make us a strong team, in fact our favorite motto is “teamwork makes the dream work”.

We met online 10 years ago and have been married 8 amazing years. As cliche as it sounds, we’re each other’s best friend and love doing things together, whether it’s yard work and chores, a weekly grocery run, a big vacation or anything in between. We’ve built a solid foundation as a family of two and are excited to set out on our greatest adventure yet!

We’ve always envisioned raising a family together and encouraging our children to know and love their true selves. Parenthood hasn’t come easily to us but the extra time has given us a chance to really dig in and focus on our relationship and bond. After experiencing fertility issues we decided to jump ahead to a dream we’ve had since our early dating days, to pursue adopting. We have an incredible support system of friends and family who can’t wait to welcome a little one along side us. We’ve learned that the hard things in life often offer the greatest reward.

All About Allison

I’m an architect and I love working closely with my clients to bring their dream homes to life! I’m an introvert but enjoy getting to know people. After work, I love to cook healthy and tasty meals, or relax with some knitting or sewing. I’m excited to bake cookies and do crafts together with a little one. I’m most looking forward to watching a child grow and to see their personality and independence bloom.

What Jonathan loves most about her:

When Allison and I started dating, it didn’t take me long to realize how special she is. I’ve never known anyone as smart, genuine, and kind as she is. While she’s soft-spoken, those close to her know to listen when she speaks because what she’s saying needs to be heard.

Friends describe her as:

honest, loyal, and compassionate


All About Jonathan

I work in technology as a System Engineer, leading projects for a healthcare company. I’m not the normal introverted computer guy, I love people. I enjoy watching my college’s sports teams and playing games with friends. At home, I’ve grown to enjoy keeping our yard looking good, and cooking and grilling. I’m looking forward to showing a child the world and broadening their horizons.

What Allison loves most about him:

Jonathan is a natural leader, he’s loving and supportive and will be such a fun dad. He’s a fierce protector but also has a tender heart, a contagious laugh and can strike up conversation with anyone he meets. He always finds a way to make those around him feel seen and cared for.

Friends describe him as:

outgoing, friendly, and passionate

Our Family & Traditions

Though we’re spread far and wide, our extended families are very close-knit. Jonathan’s parents and brother live in Arkansas, Allison’s parents and sister live in Virginia, and her brother lives in California. We chose to live in Tennessee to be as close as we can to everyone, and we love to visit often!

Both families took a big shared vacation in New Orleans and we can’t wait to do it again. Everyone stayed in the same rental and it was so much fun! We hope and plan to make this a family tradition. Some other family traditions include: Breakfast Taco Saturdays, going for walks together on the weekends, taking the day off work on each other’s birthdays to celebrate, and seeing a Christmas concert every year.

Our Home in Tennessee & Pets

We love our home and enjoy making it a warm, welcoming space. Our bedroom and the nursery are on the main level, along with an open living space. Upstairs we have two more bedrooms and our favorite, the family room where we relax at the end of the day with a movie or some music. Our home is full of colorful art, calming music, cheery house plants, and big comfy furniture. Our pets Shrimp and Brody really make it feel like home and offer endless amusement and snuggles. Our favorite evening activity is to take a walk around the neighborhood with Brody. Our community is great for young families with highly ranked schools, lots of parks and youth sports, and top quality health care.

Our Promises to You

We promise your child will have a lifetime of love, care, stability and support.

We promise to raise your child in a warm and loving home.

We promise to prioritize our open adoption relationship and honor your role in your child’s life.

We are humbled by the responsibility and privilege of adoption and promise never to lose sight of that.

Thanks for reading our profile, we look forward to getting to know you. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Jonathan & Allison

  Jonathan Allison
Our EducationBachelors DegreeBachelors Degree
Our ProfessionsSenior System Engineer (IT)Custom home architect
Stay-At-HomeNoYes, when baby arrives
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Jonathan & Allison's Favorites
FoodShrimp & gritsTacos
VacationVisiting a new cityAnnual family lake trips
DessertBanana puddingIce cream
Musician or BandJimmy Eat WorldAvett Brothers
Board gameSequenceDominoes
Holiday TraditionSinging Christmas carolsCooking a Thanksgiving feast with family
Childhood memoryWatching sports with my dadBaking cookies with my grandmother
More About Our Family
In our home, we...

 ...have dinner together each night to reconnect after a busy day. through disagreements with honesty and forgiveness.
...share feelings freely and respect each other's point of view.
...value family time and make it a priority to see our extended family regularly.

Our Hope for this Child

Our greatest hope for this child is that they would know unconditional and unending love and support. We hope to provide and care for their every need, allow them to experience the world, encourage them to achieve whatever they set their mind to and to be whoever they want to be. We were both raised in very loving homes that allowed us to see and experience different parts of life and also challenged us to give our all. We hope that by providing a solid place to land, they will feel free to pursue their dreams. We also hope for the child to deeply know, love, honor, and respect their biological family.

Fun Facts about Jonathan

- Born and raised in Louisiana
- Played saxophone in school in both concert and jazz bands
- Sang in choirs most of his life and toured with the Baptist All-State Youth Choir
- Passionate about his cold brew coffee

Fun Facts about Allison

- Born and raised in Virginia
- Played percussion in school and was captain of the marching band's color guard
- Traveled abroad for a semester in college and visited 8 countries in Europe
- Was a nanny for a year after college

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 12 months





Sibling Group

Up to age 3

In Closing

We hope this letter has given you a sense of how much love we have for each other, for you and for this child. We’re far from perfect… we have dishes in the sink and dog hair, well, everywhere. We disagree and we get frustrated with each other at times. But our marriage has been the greatest and most rewarding challenge and gift and we’re better people for it. We’re grateful you took the time to read about us and are hopeful for a chance to get to know you too. We hope that this is the start of a lifelong relationship with you and are hopeful you'll be open to keeping in touch with updates and visits. You play an irreplaceable role in the life of this child and we will always honor that.

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