Waiting Families

Jesse & Kaytee

We're from Maine, We're open to visits!

Hello from Maine! We are a young, loving couple looking forward to becoming first-time parents. We are excited to welcome your child and look forward to sharing with them our love of the outdoors and family. We look forward to meeting you and creating a wonderful future for your child.


I'm from Florida, I'm open to visits!

God has placed adoption on my heart as a means to have a family of my own. I am excited to share my love of learning and travel with your child. I look forward to showing your child how precious and wonderful the life is and to helping them follow their dreams. I am open to letters, photos, and visits whatever is most comfortable for you.

TJ & Katie

We're from Michigan, We're open to visits!

We are a loving family looking forward to growing through adoption. As an adoptee herself, Katie looks forward to sharing this unique bond with our child. We promise to help your child reach their potential by providing unending love and guidance, educational opportunities, adventure, and strong values. We are open to letters, pictures, and visits.

Matt & Shannon

We're from Virginia, We're open to visits!

Hi, we’re Matt and Shannon! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile! We feel extremely blessed to have a loving, happy home to share and are excited to become first-time parents through adoption. We promise to provide a loving and supportive home for your child and would love to continue a relationship with you through letters, pictures, and visits.

Jason & Yava

We're from Texas, We're open to visits!

Hello from Texas! We are a family of 3 excited to grow our family once more through the joy of adoption! We look forward to bedtime stories, family adventures and swimming lessons with your child. We have a close relationship with our daughters birth mother and look forward to doing the same with you through pictures, letters, and visits!

Chris & Anne

We're from California, We're open to visits!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! Our journey through adoption has been an exciting one as it has blessed us with our daughter, Parker! We are an active family of three who likes hiking, biking, skiing, and surfing. Our hope is to give you a little peek at our lives and everything that we want to share with your precious child. We look forward to sharing pictures, letters, and visits.

Ramzi & Kristina

We're from California, We're open to visits!

Hello from California! We're a fun and active family of 3 excited to grow our family through adoption. We love spending time together as a family doing activities such as hiking, skiing, and camping, traveling and experiencing the world, or just hanging out at home playing games and watching movies. We're looking forward to welcoming your child into our home and are open to pictures, letters, and visits.

Chad & Abbey

We're from Illinois, We're open to visits!

Being parents is the best blessing God has given to us! We love our family and are excited to grow it through adoption. Our goal is to help our children, be they biological or adopted, to have happy lives and to live their lives to the fullest. We are hoping for an open adoptive relationship, the more people loving on a child the better!

Charles & Sierra

We're from North Carolina, We're open to visits!

Hello from North Carolina! We are a fun loving couple that loves to travel! We strive to live by Christian values and give God glory in everything we do. We are excited to grow our family and to embark on this amazing adventure of parenthood. We look forward to adding to our family and are open to sharing pictures, letters, and visits.

Nick & Ashley

We're from Iowa, We're open to visits!

Hello from Iowa! We are a couple excited to become first-time parents through adoption. We are excited to share our passions and provide a loving, caring, and supportive future for your child. We are looking forward to sharing with you pictures, letters and visits as they grow up.